Women's Gun Show News Gun Safety 75 - How To Survive A Zombie Attack

75 – How To Survive A Zombie Attack

On this week’s show, Barbara Baird will talk to the podcaster’s producer and Zombie expert, Kenn Blanchard, about how to survive a zombie attack. Carrie Lightfoot joins Barbara to discuss cool products, more zombie tips and other survival information. Julie Golob weighs in with her Tip Time. Sponsored by Ruger and NRA Women.

How to Survive a Zombie Attack

Topic: How to Survive a Zombie Attack

Zombie expert Kenn Blanchard gives you 10 ways to survive a zombie attack. The co-author of the book “Zombie Strike,” lets you know what you need to get away and stay alive if you need to … including a reason to wear to leggings, aka zombie apparel.

 Kenn Blanchard

Phone: 240-623-7200

Buy the book, Zombie Strike, by Kenn Blanchard and Derek Ward. (Kindle, $7)

Tip Time with Julie Golob: Sponsored by NRA Women.


Cool Products

Carrie thinks this Hornady® Zombie Max Handgun Ammunition  25 9mm would be perfect for defense in a zombie attack. ($20.99)

Barb has used these Birchwood Casey targets at a local zombie shoot and highly recommends them, especially for their halo rings after impact. (Price varies — $8 and up)

TWAW Product of the Week 

Zombie Green Gear! Carrie says what better than zombie green for your holsters for firearms wear?

WON’s post of the week: Survival Lessons from the Walking Dead

Barb mentions the “featured blogger” section of The WON has something from The Survival Mom about lessons from “The Walking Dead.”


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