Women's Gun Show News Gun Safety 92 - Stacy Washington, School Shootings, America 2018

92 – Stacy Washington, School Shootings, America 2018

On this week’s show, Barbara Baird talked to radio host Stacy Washington about her journey to the airwaves, and about what she’s hearing on her popular talk show, Stacy on the Right, about the concerns and responses following the Parkland school shooting. Sponsored by Ruger.

Gabby Franco joins us for her first tip in her series on “Getting Ready for Your Competition,” and it’ll be all about the importance of making a checklist. Sponsored by NRA Women.

It’s been another interesting week here in America … Carrie was on a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference recently, followed by another spur-of-the-moment trip. She’ll tell us more about it next week when she returns to the show. In the meantime, Barb has been working – which as some of you know, involves testing guns for firearms publications. She’s  been on the range with the new Smith & Wesson Shield EZ and the Ruger Carbine in 9mm.

Topic:  Stacy Washington, School Shootings, America 2018


Stacy Washington talks about the types of responses she’s hearing in regard to America and another school shooting, this one in Parkland. Listen to her show, Stacy on the Right, on the Internet and in 18 affiliate states that play “Urban Family Radio” and “American Family Radio.”

Visit Stacy on the Right.

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Tip Time with Gabby Franco – sponsored by NRA Women.

Gabby Franco joins us for the month of March and tips on “Getting Ready for Your Competition.” Her first tip centers on the importance of a checklist. Find out what this former Olympian, “Top Shot” competitor, book author and firearms trainer jots down on her list.

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