Women's Gun Show News Uncategorized 94 - Women and Guns: A Life Saving Combination

94 – Women and Guns: A Life Saving Combination

On this week’s show, Carrie Lightfoot shares two inspiring survival stories of women prepared and trained to protect themselves from Concealed Nation  Sponsored by Ruger.

Gabby Franco joins us for her third Tip Time Tip in her series on “Getting Ready for Your Competition,” and it’ll be all about the physical elements for competition shooting. Sponsored by NRA Women.

Topic:  Women and Guns: A Life Saving Combination

Carrie shares two stories of survival thanks to Brandon Curtis of Concealed Nation. A favorite resource of hers with great articles, training tips and yes, stories of armed citizens protecting themselves and their families with their firearms

You can read the original news story here:

Burglar Enters Woman’s Bedroom, Woman Shoots

Read original news story here

Tip Time with Gabby Franco – sponsored by NRA Women.

Gabby Franco joins us again with another great tip in her series on being a competitive shooter. This week she discusses the physical elements of competitive shooting.

Carrie found a very cool solution to the discomfort of your shooting glasses under your ear muffs with the SightLines Replacement Ear Cushions for Howard Leight Earmuffs priced at $34.99

She also found a great review of them on Range 365

Inspired by the survival stories today,  Carrie shares the Bed and Couch Holster as this weeks TWAW Product of the Week. It’s a great option to keep your firearm close and always within reach. It is very affordable at just $24.99

This week’s post from Women’s Outdoor News discusses Body Armor and is it something women should consider.




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